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Need some help with building and editing your website? Here are several topics that can help you to create the site your looking for!


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Can I Secure My Homestead Website With HTTPS?

For SITEBUILDER PLUS ONLY. Do not use if you have Website Builder. If you have a Simplestore using Sitebuilder Plus, DO NOT PROCEED WITH THIS PROCEDURE. For more information please read this topic: When we




Sitebuilder Plus: Add Media Files

If you want to add an audio or video file to your site you can follow these instructions.Please keep in mind the supported file typesAudio: ogg, wav, mp3, mp4, aacVideo: ogv, webm, mp41) Launch Sitebuilder and open the page on which you wish to place the media file.2) Click on the insert button and




Sitebuilder Plus: Sitemap

Here are some instructions to create and add a sitemap to your website.Go to to the bottom and enter your domain name at the Starting URL section.Click the Start Button (don't worry about the information between your domain and the start button).After the website




Sitebuilder Plus: Edit the Footer

Here are instructions to customize the footer on your website. Click Websites Manager in the left navigation menu. Then, click Edit Site. Click Page Settings in the top toolbar and choose Background, Links, Footer from the drop-down menu. Click Edit your Footer. Here you can edit or remove the Co




Sitebuilder Plus: Anchor Links

Anchor links are a special type of link that allow you to link to a specific part of a page. This can be very handy when you have a page or pages with a very large amount of content. What can I do with anchor links? Create a link to another part of the same page Create a link to a specific




Sitebuilder Plus: Using the Master Page Feature

If you are using Sitebuilder Plus and choose a master template, then you can easily add some elements to all pages in your site. Here's how. If you press the button between page settings and insert, you will see the yellow bar. This indicates changes will be made to all pages. In this example, the c




Sitebuilder Plus: Prevent Tiling for Background Image

Any image you import and set as a "background" image will tile, or repeat continuously depending on how large the viewer sizes their web browser. If you wish to prevent the tile effect. You will just set the background to a solid color, then import the background image as a regular image, instead of




Sitebuilder Plus: Align Elements

You can easily align elements on the page doing the following. Hold down the Shift key and then click/select the elements you wish to align. This will display a blue, or yellow box around the elements so that you can see everything that is selected.  After you've selected the desired elements




Sitebuilder Plus: Edit Site Navigation Menu

Here are some instructions to edit a page's name and link within your site navigation menu:Click Websites Manager in the left navigation menu.Then, click Edit Site.Click on your navigation menu so it is highlighted.Click Links in the Site Navigation Menu Settings. Select the page that you want to ed




Sitebuilder Plus: Password Protected Pages

You can password protect pages that you don't want to be viewed by the public. Follow these steps to password protect individual pages: Click Websites Manager in the left navigation menu. Then, click Edit Site. Go to the page you'd like to password-protect. Click Page Settings in the top toolbar.




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