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Sitebuilder Plus

Need some help with building and editing your website? Here are several topics that can help you to create the site your looking for!


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Sitebuilder Plus: Downloadable Archive

You can create an archive of your site and download it to your computer for backup purposes. The process is simple. Log in to your account at Click on Websites Manager.(If you have multiple sites, select the one you wish to archive from the drop-down) Under the Edit




Sitebuilder Plus: Add an Image Gallery

Here are instructions to add a photo/image gallery to your website.Click Websites Manager on the left, then click Edit Site to go to the editor.Open the page that you want to add your gallery to.Click Insert.Hover over Image, then click Photo Gallery.Browse to select the first image to add to your g




Sitebuilder Plus: OG Image

Note: We want to provide a few common and useful snippets for your use, but our support department is not able to assist you with editing code. They can help you with code placement.If you want to specify what image is used when someone shares/posts/likes your website on Facebook you can add this sn




How Do I Do a Complete Re-install of SiteBuilder Desktop?

In order to reinstall SiteBuilder to your computer you will need to completely delete the previous installation and install a fresh copy of SiteBuilder. This is also called a clean install. There are a lot of steps involved, particularly if you want to back up your data files, so you will need to fo




Sitebuilder Plus: Collected Form Data

Is form data collected and stored anywhere on homestead to download in csv or other format or is it simply email and not stored?The form data can be sent to an email, a text file (which can be pasted into Excel or a CSV file), or both. First, open the page which contains the form in SiteBuilder and




Sitebuilder Plus: Why is My Page Password Protected When I Didn't Add it?

If you have a page that has become password protected and you never added the password, then it is because the password has been saved in your browser and the browser is auto-filling and adding it to the field. When you save the page and publish, the browser has added the password to the page and it




Sitebuilder Plus: Custom Form

Here is information to create a custom form.Click Websites Manager in the left navigation menu. Then, click Edit Site. Click Insert in the top toolbar, select More from the drop-down menu, and choose Build a Custom Form.Form OptionsCheckbox: Ideal when you want your visitors to be able to choose mul




Sitebuilder Plus: Why are Changes Appearing on all of my Pages?

Why are changes appearing on all of my pages? If you made changes to a page, but the change is showing up on all pages, you need to edit the area of the page that appears on all your pages. The yellow bar at the top of the page indicates you are making changes that will appear on ever




Sitebuilder Plus: Image Scroller

The image scroller element allows you to add multiple pictures to a gallery and it is automatically set up for those images to scroll continuously. You can add the image scroller by going to insert>more>image scroller. Once you select the element and place it on the page you can add your




Sitebuilder Plus: Choose a New Design

Here are instructions to pick a new template and start over with the design of your website.Click Websites Manager in the left navigation menu.Under Edit Site, click Choose a different design Warning: When you choose a new design, your current site pages and files, including customized text and imag




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