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Thu, Jun 1, 2017 6:53 PM

WebsiteBuilder: Containers

By clicking Elements on the side bar, then on Containers there are some smart ways to add content to your website in a contained way. For example, if you want a box containing an image and piece of text, first add the container, then add your image and text box - this box now has the text and image anchored to it, wherever you move the box, the text and image goes too, moving all elements placed inside it at once. Not only is that quite nice when editing, it is also nicer behind the scenes in the website code, when a user now views your website on a smaller screen, the background box will justify correctly and still display the image and text how you defined it to.

1. Select box and place it in desired location. 

2. Drag first element into box. (Attach to box)

3. Drag next element into box. 

The second nice feature with containers in the ability to tabulate them. Again in the Elements > Container menu, select Tabs. With this container you can set up a series of different bits of content to display in the box, then you can set up how you want to transition between those different pieces of content. Providing a scenario may make its function clearer, lets assume you are wanting to display 3-4 different products you sell. Rather than displaying all of the images at once, cluttering up valuable website space you can add each image to a tab of a container. Once all 3 images have been added you can choose how you want users to move between them, to do this select the container, click Settings on the tools palette and click Tabs Transitions.
Here you are able to change the animation between each tab, how long that animation takes and if you want the animation to occur automatically, i.e. without the user having to trigger the tab change.

1. Select tab and place it in the desired location. 

2. Drag your images/elements into the tab. 

3. Click add tab. This will slide the current tabs content off to the right. 

Once you add the tab you will see the number of tabs you have (1/2, 2/2, etc.) and can click the arrows to go to the next or previous tab.

To set up the tabs to automatically scroll or transitions go to more> advanced> settings> tab transitions.


*Containers are customizable for color, size and placement. 


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I really need to see a video example of this in action

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled In WebsiteBuilder, in the ‘Elements’ what is Containers and how does it work?.

In WebsiteBuilder, in the ‘Elements’ what is ‘Containers’ and how does it work?
I have many images which I would like to spread in to several pages instead of grouping them all on one page. Can I use the tabs in ‘Containers’ to do so?

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How can I control the order of elements in a box? I want to control the order in which they display in the mobile version. I have a calendar page with date boxes and text boxes. They display fine in the desktop version, but in the mobile version they appear in random order. I need them to display in a particular order, again the right date box with the right text box and in proper date order. How can I achieve this?

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This was helpful to me for the purpose of a parallax scroll effect. Thank You.

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Is there any way to animate a container (or element) so that it delays appearance AND exits after a specified time?