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Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 9:10 PM

WebsiteBuilder: Edit an Image

WebsiteBuilder: Edit an Image
  1. Locate the image on the page and double click to select a new image. You can upload your own, use images you've already uploaded, or you can use the stock images.
    In stock images, you can select from the categories to view different images.

  2. You can also click the image once to get the properties editor. This will give you access to more advanced features, such as editing, linking, layout, animations, styles, and more.

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5 years ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled How can I post GIFs in my website?.
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If you have a *.gif saved to your computer, you should be able to upload the file as a normal image

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4 years ago

In the editing options for an image, what does cover, stretch, fit, original, etc. mean? How do these choices affect the appearance on a desktop or mobile device? Are there some help articles where this type of choice is explained?

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These layouts do as they state. Fit will fit the entire image into the box, stretch will stretch it out either vertically or horizontally depending on the element size, cover will cover the box with the image. The best way to explore how these will look is to click on them to see the display. There is no harm in changing the layout as it can always be adjusted back. Fit and cover are probably the most commonly used. 

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1 year ago

website isn't allowing me to rotate the image : (