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Fri, May 17, 2019 4:55 PM

WebsiteBuilder eCommerce: Advanced Features

WebsiteBuilder eCommerce: Advanced Features

There are four Advanced Features that are available in WebsiteBuilder store that you can turn on and customize. . These are:

  • Integrated Shipping
  • Discounts
  • Global Variants
  • Product Categories

To edit these options:

  1.  Log into WebsiteBuilder, click on Store > Manage Products & Orders. Then, click on Advanced Features:

    To turn any of these options on, click on the button to the right of that feature (it should turn blue)

  2. If you want to use Integrated Shipping, turn it on and refer to this article

  3. If you want to use Discounts, turn this option on. This will add on option for Discounts on the left menu. Click on that option and you will see a button that says "Create a discount code"

    When you click that button, it will have you set up the discount type (Price discount, percent discount, or free shipping), the amount, the name of the discount, the coupon code, and when it is valid. You can turn discounts on and off without deleting them by toggling it to be Active or not.

  4. Global Variants are preset variations that you can choose from like Size and Color. Turning this option on will also add the option in the Manage Store menu. When you click on that menu option, you will see the default Global Variants. These can be edited by clicking on them.

  5. Last, there are Categories. This will help you organize your products to make it easier for your customers to find what they want. 
    Turn on categories, then click on Products. You will see the "Category" option on the right. Click "Add Category" and you can add the category name and whether it is supposed to fall under another category (to make it a sub-category)
    An example of this would be to have a Parent Category for "Shirts", then sub-categories for "Children's shirts", "Women's shirts", and "Men's shirts"
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Check out the YouTube video tutorial on this topic!


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