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Fri, Jun 22, 2018 12:36 AM

WebsiteBuilder: Sections Menu

A sections menu is like a site navigation menu for a single page. If you have a long page, with several sections of content, you can add a sections menu to allow users quick access to each section.

1) To add a sections menu, click on elements

2) Click on Site Navigation > Sections Menu.

3) Place the menu on the page. Each button represents a section and the text will reflect the name of the section. If you change the name of the section from the left menu, the buttons change. If you change the text in the button, the section name will change.
Note: The sections menu will not display in mobile view.

4) Just like the main site navigation, you may hide an individual section from the sections menu. Click on sections and then click the monitor icon(s) next to the section(s) you don't want to be displayed.

Pro tip: If the sections menu isn't going to be sufficient for your needs for some reason, then you will want to look at another topic.
How can I link to another spot on the page?


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6 months ago

Can't you do drop down menus using the SECTIONS MENU?
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Hello Hal,

WebsiteBuilder does not have the option to set up a drop down menu using a section navigation, apologies. The drop down will only work with pages.