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Friday, July 12th, 2019 5:10 PM

WebsiteBuilder: Page Titles and Descriptions

WebsiteBuilder: Page Titles and Descriptions
Titles and descriptions are a very easy and important step in your SEO strategy.

Page titles display in the browser tab for people visiting your site. They also appear as the link to your page in the search engine results page (SERP).
Page descriptions also appear in the SERP as the snippet of text beneath the link or page title.

In the above example, "HOME" is the title, and the text below it is the description. Imagine you can make that say anything you want! Well, make is strong. In reality, search engines will display what they want to, and these are merely suggestions, but they usually take the suggestion. 

The page title can be up to 150 characters, but Google suggests you keep it to 70 characters, which is all that displays in their results. You might want to get your company name in there and a small amount of information that describes the content of that page, including at least one or two of the most important keywords as close to the front as possible.

The description can be any length at all, but will get cut off at some point. Usually anything under 300 characters will display in full, but not always. The description should include information about the content on the page. You want this to really encourage users to click on your link from the SERP. For most pages keep the description under 160 characters. For very important pages, you can go larger, but it might get cut off. Don't let that discourage you. 

Most importantly, you are adding these tags for people, not search bots. Make sure you use conversational language. This is how most people search these days, and you will be rewarded for good titles and descriptions. Whenever possible make these unique for each page, and relative to the content on the page. In other words, don't simply copy/paste a paragraph from the page to the title or description.

Remember that search engines will display what they believe is most relevant. If you don't see your title or description, you might want to rewrite them a little bit to see if you can get it right.

To add titles and descriptions, click on Pages at the left. Select the 3 horizontal lines to the left of the desired page and then click on settings.

Scroll down to the page SEO and enter the title and description. You may also enter keywords, but the major search engines do not use these as a ranking factor any longer. Some small search engines might.

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5 years ago

I have the page titles and descriptions correct in my settings, but they still show differently when sharing the link.  For example, in the attached photo,  this was posted on FB and you can see it is saying CONTACT and default description.  The page was never published with that title and it has never been the title so unsure how to fix it.
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Here is some information on how to specify what image and information is used for those shares

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2 years ago

I updated my title page and description and it worked the first time. When I tried to change it again it will not update. Is there another way I can update my title page and description? 

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No this is the only way to change the page title and description and it should definitely work more than once. It is possible that it's just caching. What is the page that you changed the title and description for that isn't updating?

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I am having this issue.  I add a title and save.  When I check it, title is not there.  Please help!