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Fri, Mar 15, 2019 9:51 PM

WebsiteBuilder eCommerce: Digital Download

Not all products are physical items that need to be shipped out. Examples of items you might want to sell include e-books, audio files, downloadable images, or any item which can be electronically stored in a file.
If you've written a book or composed music, you can save on the cost of production and shipping by offering the product via download instead. You can offer coursework or informational videos for sale. It requires much less to manage this store, since you don't have to worry about storage and your inventory. You will also never be out of stock. This will also increase your profit. Lastly, digital products can't be damaged in a warehouse fire or flood, like physical products. It is in a cloud-based storage, where it cannot be damaged and cost you money.

When you purchase the store upgrade through Website Builder, you can add digital products to your store.

To add a digital product:

  1. When you've added the store upgrade, you'll be able to access your Store Manager by clicking "Store" on the left panel of the builder. Once you're in that Store Manager, go under Products, and choose the option Create a new product (or click the blue plus sign at the bottom right corner).

  2. Select "Digital product"
    Input product details like product name, price, and description.
    Upload the file
    Choose the limitations of the download: Time based or a number of download attempts

  3. There are limitations to the size of the file.
    Images can be up to 4MB, documents can be up to 40MB, audio files can be up to 100MB, and Zip files can be up to 1GB. .Dat and .Exe files are not supported.

  4. You will see the file name and size after you've uploaded it.
    Add an image, or images, that relate to your product.
    Add a discount, banner, and category if applicable.

    Save and Publish these changes.

  5. The product will display in your store, the same as a physical product. You could even sell a mix of physical and digital products.

  6. Once the customer adds the product to the cart and checks out, they will be prompted to enter in their information, including their email address
    Once the order is placed, they will see a screen that confirms the order, and informs them that the confirmation and digital product will be sent to the via email.

  7. They will get an email with the link for their download:

    **If you have not yet upgraded your site to include a store, and you need to do so, simply log into Website Builder and click on the UPGRADE button in the top right corner of the builder.**

Check out the YouTube video tutorial on this topic! 

Take a look at an example of the eCommerce store! CLICK HERE


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7 months ago

Can you have a download product and a physical product in the same listing? My product they can choose to have printed and mailed or download. Or would I have to have two separate listings for the same product?

Also, if customers receive their download link from email....hypothetically they could share the link with others and others can download it as well? Right now I have a website that allows you to add variants to a product and then choose each variant as a physical or download. So that if a customer orders my product in printed form it will add to cart and add up shipping etc in the shopping cart. If they choose download it will not charge shipping and it will add to their account that is on the site and they can download it through their account. That makes it more secure and it also logs their IP address. Is this similar? If I have to add products as physical and then have the same products in a different listing as digital, that is going to be a lot of work and use a lot of disk space.
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I would recommend setting these up as 2 separate products one physical product and one digital download. As far as having the ability to share the link for downloads, it is possible for someone to send the link and allow another download. The way to prevent this is to only allow 1 download attempt. Once this download is competed the link will become inactive for a others to download the product.