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Friday, July 12th, 2019 5:14 PM

WebsiteBuilder: Add a New Page

WebsiteBuilder: Add a New Page
To add a new page within WebsiteBuilder, click on the left side on Pages.

Within the indicated circle, there are 2 ways to create a new page. The first option, with a plus sign, adds a fresh page. You may select from the template options to create the new page.

The second option "x2" duplicates any page. First, click on the page.  Then, click the button and it will duplicate the page in its entirety.

When you select add new page, you will then have the option to add a blank page or select a different layout for the page.

To change the order of pages click on any page name and drag it up or down depending on desired placement. Once released it will lock in place.

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4 years ago

I have only started and so far have only the Home Page Completed (with a Nav-Bar in case this affects the out-come) How come when I use this "+ Add A New Page" even though I wanted a Blank Page the program copies the entire Home Page even though I chose the "Black Page Option and when I try to edit this 2nd Page, all the edits and removals I make on the 2nd Page it does the same to my Home Page (the 1st Page)

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4 years ago

How do I duplicate a page?

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To duplicate a page on a website built in Sitebuilder plus, use these instructions to perform a save as.

To duplicate a page on a WebsiteBuilder site, use these instructions.