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Monday, August 7th, 2023 7:12 PM

Can't figure out domain reg

As far as I know, I selected a domain name. I got all kind of emails and prices.    Can't get my current email transferred. 

 I authorized someone but my status has been the same for over a week.

I already have an account and have  begun designing my web site.   Jennie Szaltis ,Watercolorist and Instructor

Can't get help by phone

Can't find "Chat"

Jennie Szaltis

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4 months ago


I see one domain registered on the account and one domain pointing that you've added. If you want to create an email address for one of these domains, please follow these instructions:


‎Account: Create a Domain Email Address | Homestead Community


For phone support, please call 1-800-710-1998