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Tuesday, July 28th, 2020 5:45 PM

IMAP Email Setup: iPhone/iPad

IMAP Email Setup: iPhone/iPad

If you aren't sure of the difference between POP and IMAP and why you would use one or the other, please click here.

  1. Click on Settings, then click Passwords & Accounts, then click Add Account

  2. Click Other, then click Add Mail Account

  3. Enter your Name, Email Address, Email Password, and a Description for your account list.

  4. Click Next

  5. Fill the following fields:

        For IMAP
        Username = Email Address
        Password = your email password
        Incoming server =
        Outgoing server =

        For POP
        Username = Email Address
        Password = your email password
        Incoming server =
        Outgoing server =

    Note: On the outgoing server the iOS says optional for user name and password. These are not optional. You must enter the email address and email password or you will be unable to send mail.
  6. Click Next. Then click Save

    Your iPhone or iPad should successfully connect. 

    Note: If you are experiencing issues with seeing your Drafts, Sent or Trash emails, please review the following information.
    1. Click Settings

    2. Click Passwords & Accounts

    3. Select the Email Address account that was just added

    4. Click Account

    5. Click Advanced at the bottom

    6. On this screen, you will now want to make sure Drafts Mailbox has Drafts selectedSent Mailbox has Sent Messages selected and Deleted Mailbox has Trash selected.

    7. When you are finished, click Account at the top left, then click Done.

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4 years ago

Step 1 needs to be changed from, "Click on Settings, then click Passwords & Accounts, then click Add Account"




"Click on Settings, then click [Mail], then click on [Accounts] then click on Add Account


Apple's iOS 14.0.1  have removed in Settings> "Passwords & Accounts" to "Passwords"



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Thank you for bringing this to our attention we will get this updated ASAP.