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Wed, Apr 24, 2013 12:05 PM


Swapping Domains Instead of Pointing. Is it worth the hassle?

Hello. It is possible to swap out a domain currently in our intuit/homestead account? In other words, we currently have an active domain/website with you for several years now. We finally were successful in obtaining the actual domain we always wanted for this project. That new domain currently resides at Go Daddy. Now, we are interested in replacing the current domain with the new one. Wasn't sure if that swap was possible. We would also have to replace the associated emails. Maybe we are just better off to point the new domain to the existing account. Any insight would be appreciated. David

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8 years ago

Great question David!

There are pro's and con's to switching domain names. First, consider how long you've had your existing domain. If your existing domain has a strong reputation on the search engines, you probably don't want to get rid of it, at least not immediately.

For your new domain, you can either leave it at GoDadddy and point it to Homestead, or transfer it to Homestead. Either option works fine.

Then, consider which domain will have the greatest positive effect on the long-term business plan and use/promote that domain.

I hope this helps!