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Wednesday, August 29th, 2018 9:09 PM

DKIM Record

DKIM Record

You may receive a bounceback when sending emails to domains with a *.mil and/or *.gov domain. To resolve this, you need to add a DKIM record.
Homestead doesn't support DKIM records, so you will need to use a system like Cloudflare.  
The DKIM record can be added as a CNAME. 

To add this record:

  1.  Add a CNAME in the Cloudflare DNS tab like this:

     name: dkim._domainkey
     points to:
    Turn the cloud to DNS Only (grey)
    Click Add Record

  2. Go to , put in your domain name, and click "Check DMARC Record". You will see a page with this information:

    Set the options to 

    2)Personal Choice
    3)Personal choice

    For Personal Choice, you can choose to put your own email or not.

    1) Do not enter your own email address and you may not realize if there is an issue or not as you chose not to be notified. 

    2) Enter your address and you could get a ton of emails, especially if your mail is compromised or spoofed.

  3. Click Finalize Record at the bottom. This will generate a new suggested TXT record that will need to be added to your domain's DNS as a TXT record. That will look similar to this:

    Save the Hostname and Value generated under Suggested Record

  4. Go into the Cloudflare account, under the DNS tab and add a TXT record.

    Enter the Hostname where is says "Name"
    Enter the Value where it says "Click to configure"
    Click Add Record.

You will need to wait up to 24-48 hours for propagation.

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5 years ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled problems with cname adds.

No letting me add CNAME records for DKIM.

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1 year ago

Why on earth doesn’t homestead support DKIM or SPF authentication so that gmail accounts can be reached post 22 October 2022.

it is shocking that even paying extra for email with gmail (or so Homestead claims) support doesn’t work.

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7 months ago

Sorry in advance for any confusion on my part. I am using an email marketing service that needs me to authenticate my domain by adding DKIM and TXT records. I understand that I can add the TXT record through homestead, but that I would need to add the DKIM using this Cloudflare method. My question is this: In the steps above, we are told what name and value to enter when adding a CNAME in Cloudflare. So at what point would I add the DKIM record from my email marketing service? (They provided a name and value that I am supposed to copy and paste.) Thanks

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I discovered the answer to my own question (posting for anyone else who may come across this). Once I pointed my nameservers to Cloudflare, I then added both the records this article outlines, and THEN I ALSO added an additional CNAME record for the DKIM my email marketing service provided. (I realized I was not limited to just one DKIM!)