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Monday, June 24th, 2024 3:55 PM

Email issues

I am unable to get access to my emails. This has been since Thursday 6/20/2024. Is there any resolution to this issue?

If you try to send a response back, remember I am unable access my emails.


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17 days ago

Hi. My incoming mail has stopped since  19/6/2024. Seems to send OK. I'm using Android. Have you received any notifications about outages?


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15 days ago


i am STILL having issues on NOT receiving my emails. It has been over week since the last email was received. I am losing money since this issue has occurred. The sad part is you proceeded your monthly payment due this outage and it is till NOT RESOLVED. I have been with you for over 10 years and this is the second time this has happened within a year. I am losing confidence in homestead to securely host mine site and process payments. 

I would an answer on when this issue will be resolved.

Thank you

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The email outage was resolved that day. If you're still experiencing issues, I have a few recommendations. 


If you're checking your email through an email client, please verify the settings:


‎Email Client Settings | Homestead Community


The first step in troubleshooting any email issue would be to check your DNS. Since your nameservers are not pointing to Homestead, I cannot do this for you. Please log into that account and make sure your email DNS matches what's in that article exactly:

‎DNS Records for Homestead Email | Homestead Community