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Thursday, July 18th, 2019 8:54 PM

Community: Navigate Homestead Community

Community: Navigate Homestead Community

Prior to posting here, please read the Homestead Community Guidelines

  1. There may be articles pinned to the top of the page. These will contain links to some topics that are very important and are consistently among the most viewed topics in the community.

  2. The search box will look for keywords in your question and return several possible topics that might answer your question. If you don't see an answer that matches, you may create a new question. When you search for 2 or more words, the default is to look for any one of the words  If you want to make sure that all search terms are in the topic, then put AND between each term. For example, if you search for "search engine optimization" you will receive results that have any 1 of the 3 words included in the topic.  If you want all 3 to be present, you would enter "search AND engine AND optimization"  Make sure the AND is capitalized.

  3. The Conversations bar will filter the displayed topics by questions, ideas, problems, praise, and announcements. This might help you browse topics more easily.

  4. Announcement box. If there is something we wish to make you aware of, the box will appear on the right. You can click on the box to be taken to the full topic. You may leave the announcement box on the homepage, or once you have read it, you can click the small x in the top right corner of the box and the announcement will disappear. It will return automatically when we create a new announcement.

    The arrows indicate whether the post is a question asked, a problem reported, or an article. The title is a link to the complete topic. You will be able to read the entire description and all replies. You will also be able to add your own comments or follow up questions.

    If you click on categories, you will get a list of the Homestead products and services. This will let you scan through topics that are relevant to a specific product or service(ie. email or Storefront)


Once you have entered a topic, you will see the original poster's question. Below will be all the replies and comments. If we have created an official response you will see only the official response, until you click on the All Replies(shown in the circle). To the right of the question, you will see 3 buttons.  

The follow/unfollow button will allow you to be notified or not notified of new posts in the topic. When you post, you will automatically follow that post. You can click it to turn on/off the follow feature. Also on this page, on the right, you will see Related Conversations. If you don't get the exact answer you were looking for, then maybe a similar topic has the answer you need.


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