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Sunday, January 22nd, 2023 11:26 AM


​I have received a suspicious domain expiration alert as follows. As far as I know, my domain cannot expire if I pay you my monthly payments which I pay regularly. Please advise me what to do to my email: coryj@zahav.net.il or coryj2@gmail.com. I have not opened the links of the suspicious email.​

​This message is to inform you that your domain invoice number a50403ed5c054226918a547dc58fd25c is OVERDUE. BUSINESSETHICSCORY.COM.COM to be due in 22 January 2023 is SUSPENDED. Please send payment ASAP to avoid any TERMINATION of service to BUSINESSETHICSCORY.COM​

​Please note that if no payment is made in the next 3 business days, your data will be purged and deleted.​

​TO RENEW BUSINESSETHICSCORY.COM (Expires on 22 January 2023):​

​The domain administrator currently listed is Jacques Cory.​

​Disclaimer notice: We can not be held legally accountable for any claims, damages or losses that you may incur due to the expiration of BUSINESSETHICSCORY.COM. Any such damages may include but are not exclusively limited to: monetary losses, deleted data without backup copies, loss of results in search rankings, missed appointments, undelivered email and any other business, service or technical damages that you might suffer. For more reference please refer section 12.l.7.f of our TOS​

​This is the final notice that we are legally required to send out with regards to the expiration of BUSINESSETHICSCORY.COM.​


​** ​​https://domaindns.tech/cart/a50403ed5c054226918a547dc58fd25c​​  **​

​Expiry: January-2023​

​All online services will be restored automatically on BUSINESSETHICSCORY.COM upon receipt of payment. We thank you for your cooperation and continued business.​

​Alert sent on January 22 2023​

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2 months ago

If your domaine is registered with homestead, they automatically renew for you.

Where is your domain name registered? If you registered your domain name with homestead, they automatically withdraw renewal fees from your credit card account on file. You can go to https://lookup.icann.org/en, to review your domain registration details.

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2 months ago


Please disregard this message. Your domain is registered through Homestead and is set to auto-renew.