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Thursday, March 9th, 2023 8:57 PM

Billing Issue Confirmation Please

Hi - you just restored one of my Domains.   Thank you for that.

But, if you recall, there was a question in regards to the remaining amount of free domains in my legacy account.

You thought I needed to be charged and yet the legacy account, at that time was showing 14 free domains remaining.

So - given that I have a certain number of free accounts or, even if I did not have those and only had the standard modern account of three domains under the new structure - why does the current bill show billing for 19 or so domains when I only have 9 or so in my account.

And thus, I should only be paying for 6 domains at the very most ( 7 now with that latest re-established domain you did ) 

but, in probability no domains should be chargeable under my legacy account. 

Does this also mean that you have been overcharging my account and, if you have, for how many years have you done so.



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7 months ago


I can see that you are being charged for 19 domains, and it looks like you deleted about 12 domains in the past month. So, I've removed the additional domain add-ons and prorated the amount due on the account for those.