What is Media (And How Should It Be Used On A Website)?

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There are many types of media that can be used on a website, and it can make all the difference. Types of media include videos and audio, images, infographics, animations and graphics. 

  • Videos and Audio: These can be in the form of introductory videos, "Meet The Team",  promotions for sales/events, or testimonials. Quick easy ways to deliver information in an eye-catching format.

  • Images: Add quality images that relate to your business. Try to limit the use of stock photography, in favor of professional images of your business/products. 

  • Infographics: Visually appealing way to provide information and makes data more user-friendly. Creative way to convey information quickly and clearly, boost brand awareness, and reach out to target audiences.

  • Animations/Graphics: If used well, they can be eye-catching an attractive peices on your website that draw attention to specific functions or breaks up the monotony of a stagnant website. Just make sure to use modern animations or graphics so your site doesn't look like the 90's sites with the swirling email gif. 

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