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WebsiteBuilder: Types of Text Boxes

WebsiteBuilder: Types of Text Boxes
In WebsiteBuilder, there are 4 different types of text boxes available:

The first 3 options are Header Text Boxes, which will help convey information to search engines about your site content. Use these elements to communicate to search engines what your site is about. These three tags do have an impact on SEO, so it is important to use them properly. 

H1: The H1 text box should be used as a page title. This should contain the main keywords that relate to your page. You should only have one per page. DO NOT just use this text box to stuff keywords. This will work against you. The content in the H1 text box should be a clearly stated and grammatically correct title to your page.

H2: The H2 text box is a sub-heading, that can contain more detailed- but similar- keywords to the H1. You may have more than one, but only use them for subheadings. The content in this text box should be used to reinforce what was said in the first box.

H3: The H3 is to be used if you need a sub-heading to your H2 box, and can be used to give further detail. You can also have multiple H3 text boxes, used to add detail under a topic outlined in your H2. 

Paragraph: All other text on your website should use the paragraph text box. 


H1: Headings
  • H2: Why to use headings on your website

    * H3: Adds structure to your site
    - Paragraph: Provides breaks and organization to your text.

    * H3: Gives keywords to search engines
    - Paragraph: Search engine bots crawl titles to see what the page is about.

    * H3: Makes site easier to read
    - Paragraph: Viewers are more likely to read a page if it isn't just a long block of words.

  • H2: How to use headings on your website

    *H3: Use 3 headings in descending level of importance
    - Paragraph: H1 is most important, then H2, H3. Paragraph is the main content.

    *H3: Only use one H1 per page
    - Paragraph: Using more than one H1 will add conflict to the page and the bot can't tell what the page is about.

    *H3: Use H2 and H3 as needed
    - Paragraph: Not every page will need all 3 heading types of text. Use them as needed.

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