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Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 5:01 PM

WebsiteBuilder: Edit Text

WebsiteBuilder: Edit Text
  1. Scroll to the text you wish to edit. If you are simply changing or adding text, then double click in the box, and edit as desired. Otherwise, you just need to click once and the formatting controls will appear above the text box so you can change colors, change size, add bullets, link text, delete the box, etc.

  2. If you want additional options for the text, you can single-click More > Advanced.
    From the properties editor, you can click Settings, Style, Size and Position, or Animations for more advanced tools. Here you can add Element Behaviors, and access advanced settings like Scroll with Page and Show on All Pages, change the design of the text and add animations.

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4 years ago

Frequently when I add bullet points to text, the bullet point is enormous, much too big for the font.   How do I avoid this or edit so that the bullet point size is appropriate for the font used?
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To adjust the bullet point size, add the bullet points then used the advanced settings to customize the font size. This will adjust the bullet points.