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Fri, May 17, 2019 5:18 PM

WebsiteBuilder eCommerce: Store Settings

WebsiteBuilder eCommerce: Store Settings

Before you're able to publish your store, there are some store settings that you will need to go over. 

  1. Log into WebsiteBuilder, click on Store > Manage Products & Orders > Settings. This will bring you to the Main Settings.

  2. On the Main tab for Settings, you'll be able to change your

    General information like your Company Name, Tax ID, Address, Phone Number, and Currency Type. 

    Basic Shipping settings, either Flat rate or Charge per product.
    If you choose Flat Rate, you'll set up the Minimal order amount for free shipping, Cost per additional item, and First Item. 
    If you choose Charge Per Product, you'll just set the minimal order amount for free shipping. The individual shipping amount will be entered on each product. 

    For New order email, you'll be able to set the email address that new order notifications are sent to. 

    For taxes, you'll be able to set Enable or Disable taxes, and set the tax rates to automatic or manual. It is recommended to leave them on automatic, unless you have a special tax need you have to set up.

  3. Once you've set up your Main settings, click on the Advanced tab at the top. 

  4. You'll be able to edit your Order Formatting, to set up the units of measurement your store will use

    You can set up your legal documents and policies. If you need assistance with this, we recommend you contact legal help.

    You can add tracking codes from Google Analytics, Facebook, or Instagram. Homestead does not provide the scripts for this feature.

    You'll be able to edit and preview the emails that are sent to customers during the order and shipping process, as well as preview the new order email that is sent to the store owner. 

    Use the Email design option to add your logo and set your store color and language.

    The last option is Integrated Shipping. You can get information here

Check out the YouTube video tutorial on this topic!

Take a look at an example of the eCommerce store! CLICK HERE


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