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Monday, August 7th, 2023 7:54 PM

Redoing my website

I haven't touched my site in years.  I like to start all over from scratch but I want to keep my domain name as it is.  Do I have to delete everything or can I just edit to get a new look to the site?

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4 months ago

Because Website Builder is a totally different platform,  so you do have to start from scratch. When you go to Website Builder and choose "add a new website" you can name the new design something similar to what your domain is (www.mycooldomain2.homesteadcloud.com)   It ads the homesteadcloud.com automatically.  When you are ready to switch you will just have to reassociate your domain name to the homesteadcloud.com site.  Since you can't transfer pages, I suggest taking the text on your old site and pasting it into a Word Document so you can just paste it into the new sites.  This is a great time to refresh your message.  Remember that people are mostly looking at it on mobile these days, so pay attention to the "mobile view"  Things re-order on there depending on when you add them.  Easy to fix, just be aware that the WebsiteBuilder tools are different and treats every element on your page as a new layer as you publish.  Also, just click and drag any photos you want to keep into a file on your desktop (simplest way to get them into the new site) and download them from there.  That will save you time later.  Don't get frustrated with the new tools.  There is a little bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of where all the controls are, it will be easier.  If you get stuck, just ask here, or you are welcome to email me at picturethismultimedia@comcast.net to ask directly.  I have built and managed quite a few of these, and I am happy to help you through the changes.