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Thursday, March 9th, 2023 11:48 PM

Moving an established site from Sitebuilder Plus to WebsiteBuilder


4 years on since the latter was introduced I believe.

Question One ...... Has Intuit developed an in-house way to transfer established Sitebuilder Plus sites to WebsiteBuilder themselves ?

I never understood how it was thought to be acceptable for existing customers to be basically just told "to do all the work yourself". 

With several large sites it is an awful lot of hassle - even with copying and pasting -when you've spent a while getting all your colours ....  spacing ... alignments etc just right. And I'd even considering paying a one-off fee for it to be done if it were available.

Question Two ..... It's inevitable that WebsiteBuilder will be the only homestead builder option at some point 

Has a timeframe been set for the disappearance of Sitebuilder Plus ?

My thank to anyone that takes the time

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3 months ago

Great question!

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3 months ago


The two builders are completely separate, so there is no way to transfer a site between the two. We do have a Site Replication service that you can call in to see if your site qualifies for and to discuss pricing: 1-800-710-1998

Homestead is a do-it-yourself platform. We provide the tools for you, but ultimately, anything to do with building your website is up to you. 

We do not have any timeframe for Sitebuilder Plus being discontinued. I don't know of any plans for this to happen any time soon.