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Wed, Jul 27, 2022 3:22 PM

mobile website store categories

On PC if you go to my website store, you are able to view categories. If you go to my store via mobile phone, it only shows view products. Customers are always contacting me, asking if there is anyway to view categories and I have to tell them to tap on "view all products" and that's the only way they can view categories. Is there any way I can get categories to show on mobile?  Also, Is there any way I can get a QR Code for my website without having to pay $100.00 a year(qrcodegenerator)?

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2 m ago


Unfortunately, no. It does show the categories, it's just that the default one is All Products. Like most mobile menus, you need to click to view more. There is no way to change this. 

Also, I'm sorry, but we do not offer QR codes, so this would need to be done through a 3rd party.