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Friday, February 23rd, 2024 10:44 PM

How can I Insert a registration form and take payment

We are a small car museum, when we have a car show I would like for us to be able to have participants register on-line.  This would require a short questionare and payment.  Where can i get help setting this up?


Four States Auto Museum

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2 months ago

First, you have to have your payment system/portal set up.  If that is done, you can create a little form in "123Formbuilder" or Jot Form.  They have free versions, but if you do this frequently, go for the inexpensive subscription.  It gives you a code snippet to put in an HTML box in ELEMENTS and the form will appear...OR you can have just a link on your website that will go to the form separately.  I am not 100% familiar if either of these will let you add a PAYMENT button,  It's been too long since I used either of these.  (I use forms that are more complicated --and more expensive)  It will probably be a 2-step process using one of these choices --fill out the form>submit>pay using your portal.  Hope that helps.