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Friday, February 2nd, 2024 5:15 PM

Why is my website no longer secure?

I run a .org site. I know very little about setting up web pages, but have taught myself to update our pages since I had to take over. The website had always been secure until a few months ago. I am getting seriously frustrated with this. Homestead is not a very user friendly place to try and get live assistance. We are paid into 2025. I don't want another year of the frustration. When I log into Homestead, editing the page is done through SiteBuilder Plus. Thank you 

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3 months ago

You may need to reinstall Cloudflare.

Did you recently add Cloudflare? Review your installation to ensure it's correct. You may want to secure your website using the process listed below for the relevant platform you're using.

Select the instructions for the platform you're using.

MAKE YOUR SITEBUILDER PLUS WEBSITE SECURE: Cloudflare can be used to add a free SSL. Please refer to these instructions. https://community.homestead.com/conversations/sitebuilder-plus/can-i-secure-my-homestead-website-with-https/5f2a9b1658180958845a60de.
If you're having trouble with the Cloudflare setup, you can always call for assistance at 1-800-710-1998.

Follow the steps: https://homesteadssl.com/. If you're having trouble with the Cloudflare setup, you can always call for assistance at 1-800-710-1998

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2 months ago


Looking at the historical data for your domain, it was never actually secure. What may have changed is that browsers are now actively showing an error for it not being secure. 
Here are the instructions to secure your site:

‎Can I Secure My Homestead Website With HTTPS? | Homestead Community