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Tuesday, November 14th, 2023 2:09 AM

posting multiple photos

I have tried to load multiple (5) photos onto a page, but it only loads one onto the visible page... however, all files show in the File Manager... but even there, I can't seem to select multiple photos to load onto the page.

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4 months ago

The best way to show multiple photos is to use one of the gallery layouts.  Otherwise you have to add them as Elements>Image & add them one at a time.  If you do add them individually, be sure to check your Mobile View, as Website Builder treats every element as a new layer and it might not put them where you want them in mobile.  A good way to keep them grouped together is to use a CONTAINER (also found under the Elements menu)  This is the new Group tool.  Use a container BOX.  It will be blue by default so that you can see it easily and drag all the things you want to stay together into that box.  You can change the color of the box using the ADVANCED tool bar.