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Friday, March 24th, 2023 4:15 PM

My site is online, built with Homestead, but I can't edit it

My site, www.successfulmanagement101.com, is operational and was built on Homestead, but looking to edit my site, I see a domain of www.successfulmanagement101.homestead.com  I need to know what is going on with this and why I am unable to edit it and removed those members of my team who are deceased.  email from site works fine.  I need to know what is going on with this and what I must do to edit it.

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1 year ago

The "second" address is the "real" address of your site if you have the domain name just pointed to it.  I have no idea why you wouldn't be able to edit it though. I suggest calling technical support at 800-8710-1998 and asking them to take a look at how it is set up.  They can help you get it straightened out pretty quickly.  Hope that helps.

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1 year ago

When you logon to your account, you need to select "website editor".