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Thursday, June 6th, 2024 8:15 PM

Mobile website: Images are showing together

I have tried everything to format my mobile website, Images are not showing along with the content, All images are aligning together ...while related content is showing completely separated from the images  Also, the quick form also looses its position even after I re align the section positions repeatedly 

please check the site and advise 

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1 month ago

Are you using Sitebuilder Plus or Websitebuilder?

If Websitebuilder, review: Here are some tips that you can read over about editing the mobile version of your website:
WebsiteBuilder: Editing the Mobile Site

WebsiteBuilder has different options in terms of grouping, you can add the elements to a box or container or use the wrap with box option. Hold shift, select the elements, right click on your mouse and select wrap with box.

If you're using SB+.

In your editor, press the CTRL key down and tap A. This will highlight all the elements on the page. You should then be able to find the text box, click on it, and delete it.

Set your page width to 1500. Use Page Settings > Background > Insert 1500 in the Page Width element > Save.
Depress the control key and press "A" to select all elements or right-click your mouse and Select All. By doing this you'll have outlined all the elements. If an item is out of the range of your standard page width, you see it outlined. At this time you can select that one element and move it (unlock if needed) or delete it.

Right-click the image and select a layer to move the element to the front or back.

Layering procedure: Select the element > right-click> choose your layering command.
The help section has no explanation for the "Bring Forward" and "Send Back" elements in the Image Setting menu. I don't think they have any purpose currently. Perhaps they did. what we've been trying to make them do, at one time. The programmers should try fixing that. It's very misleading. Also, there's no other explanation for layering. Layering is an excellent feature. Now you know how to use it, you'll find many applications for it.


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1 month ago

If you are in Website Builder, be sure to use CONTAINERS for all the elements you need grouped together, so that they show properly in mobile.  Containers is the new "group elements".  It always gives you a blue box, so it's easier to see.  You can change the color or make it transparent in the ADVANCED controls.  You drag all the elements you want grouped together into the box.  You will know it's attached to the box because it says so and then you can move the box around.. (It says BOX when you grab the group and has an orange border.)  Hope that helps.