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Friday, February 16th, 2024 9:55 PM

Element Behavior in Mobile Version of site

I am having an issue with the behavior of the element I set up in desktop version not doing anything in Mobile version. I tried to set it up separately in mobile version as well, but the options to make it work does not seem to apply to mobile version. For example: I would like the behavior be triggered and 'slide from right' at the moment I'd scroll down the page on my cell to the area where the element is, but the only option seems to be when 'mouse rollovers' or 'page loaded' or 'selected' etc. Scrolling on the mobile device you don't have a mouse, you also don't know you need to 'press' on it with your finger to see the actual affect. This is very confusing, I tried all the combinations and scenarios of the options available when the behavior should be triggered and it just does not seem to do what it does on the desktop. If I set it to trigger the behavior when page is loaded the behavior is done by the time I scroll down to it - well, and of course no one knows how long it will take someone to scroll down to it, if they will be reading the content, so I cannot really estimate the speed to slow it down enough for it not being done sliding in before they reach that part of the page.

It seems this should be fairly easy fix. I have seen other website pages on my cell where the behavior/movement is triggered when I get to it scrolling on my phone. Like a photo and the text moving toward each other from either sides to meet/land at the center of the page. 

Does anyone know what am I missing here? I would really like to add behavior to my mobile as well. It makes scrolling less 'boring', more engaging, alive.

Thank you. 

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