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Thu, Oct 3, 2013 7:05 PM


How can I add images to the image manager via WebDAV?

One of the features under the Web Content area of your control panel is the Image Manager. The Image Manager allows you to upload and store images that can be used anywhere that contains the WYSIWYG content editor, such as product descriptions, category descriptions, and Web Pages. To add images to the image manager in bulk, connect to your store via WebDAV and upload the images into the product_images/uploaded_images/ directory.

Image Requirements Images must meet the following requirements. Uploading an image that does not meet this requirement can cause the control panel to malfunction.

  • Image file names must be alphanumeric, and cannot contain any spaces or special characters.
  • Supported image file types are JPEG/JPG, GIF, and PNGTIF files are not supported.
1. Connect to your store through WebDAV.

2. Double-click on the product_images folder.

Product_images folder in WebDAV

3. Double-click on the uploaded_images folder. You will see all images currently in your Image Manager here.

Uploaded_images folder in WebDAV containing other files

4. Drag and drop an image from your computer to this folder. It will automatically appear in the the Image Manager on your control panel.

The Image manager in the control panel containing the images that were in the uploaded_images folder

The Image Manager images URLs can be either [your store's URL]/product_images/uploaded_images/[filename.type] or the URL you get when clickingView Full-size Image in the Image Manager.

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