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Sunday, October 22nd, 2023 1:56 PM

remove noindex tag

Google says my website is not being indexed because it is "Excluded by ‘noindex’ tag"

How do I remove this noindex tag from my Homestead website>

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4 months ago

What is your website url?

To install the new page as your home page, select the page > Page Settings > Page Name > enter "index.html" > save. Remove the page name from your previous page.
Next, you can add the new home page to your site navigation menu by selecting the menu > Use the Site Navigation Menu Settings > Links > + to add the page > follow the instructions in the command box to locate your new home page > select the page from your files > OK. Now, you can scroll to the bottom and edit the page title. Since you have only one page, it should now be the only page on the menu and it should appear with the page title you've chosen and it will respond as the home page.
For Sitebuilder Plus sites you can use the save as option and rename the desired home page "index.html".
For websitebuilder, you can use these instructions.

Select the menu > Select "Links" From your the PROPERTIES EDITOR: > Select "+" > Browse your files and add the desired file > OK > scroll to the bottom of the PROPERTIES EDITOR: and enter your Display Name > select edit link to concur > In the command box, review file information > OK > Save > Publish.

- Add a page name to your site navigation menu: Highlight the menu > Use the PROPERTIES EDITOR: > Links > "+" to add name > Select "Style" > Font Size and style > Select "Effects" > Select Spacing > Experiment with the three spacing elements to achieve the results you're wanting.


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4 months ago


If this is a site that ends in "", then you'll need to purchase a domain name that can be indexed. If this website already has a domain, please tell me which site you're referring to so I can look into this.