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Monday, September 26th, 2022 1:32 AM

New Design for Current Website

I am interested in putting a new look to our current website. How can I see the templates? I want to use a template that is already created if it is something I want.

We have updated our website once before. While designing the new one, it was called something else. When we were ready to go live with it, it was changed to the real website name. Thanks for your help.

Yes, I have looked at other responses but many of them are very old.

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1 year ago

Installing a new template will void your content. I suggest you make changes to your homepage to develop the appearance you're wanting. You can change the width, menu location and images. Othewise, build a site using the new websitebuilder program.

You need to have a website program that is mobile friendly. That's why the old homestead sitebuilder desktop and sitebuilder plus architecture won't work. All website hosting companies have had to upgrade their programs to accommodate the new mobile demands. Like window 7 is made obsolete by windows 10. Homestead's new Websitebuilder is their solution to mobile friendly website design. We need to be flexible is these rapidly changing times. Change or be left behind.
For WebsiteBuilder sites look at these instructions.
You can upgrade to the new WebsiteBuilder! You can rebuild your site in the background while your old one is still up and running. After you're done, Homestead can switch your domain over. This new builder has a mobile editor built in.
Helpful Youtube tutorial videos on this builder, if you would like to watch those:

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You would just need to create a new site on your account, give it that temporary "" name, and look through the templates:

‎Account: Create a New Site | Homestead Community