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Wed, Oct 24, 2018 12:07 AM


I'm confused about "rebuild my site with the online sitebuilder . . ."

. . .  my understanding was if I rebuilt the site using the new site builder page at a time they would be able to be saved in the new Cloudflare compatible or automatically secure format.

I opened a page, saved it as a new name, and . . . zippo.  It is saved as and displays as not secure.

Am I to understand that I have to start 100% from scratch?

I just used a page I created in online sitebuilder by "saving as" a new filename, completely using the online version and . . . my navigation doesn't display.  It is a page with one file, white background, and only the navigation bar and no matter what I do I get a page with only the file and no navigation.  

Guys, this is becoming more than slightly annoying.  I'm really trying to be a team player and not complain about the necessity to only edit online, but this is too weird.

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