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Tue, Aug 28, 2018 9:21 PM


Different logins for Plus and WebsiteBuilder? Different companies? Getting confused...

Hello, I am trying to figure out this website PLUS versus website builder thing. I have been with homestead for about 10 years.

1. My understanding is that the new name for the builder I have been using is PLUS (or something like that) and when I went to add a new site, it is in a different builder and that is called WebsiteBuilder. Right?

2. I use the same login for all of these and they are all in my list but I find it strange that I cannot find a separate login page for WebsiteBuilder. Homestead does not even have it advertised anywhere and the mobile friendly feature is no where to be found on the list of advertised features. I will be designing websites for people so I want to be able to see this advertised and pricing when I set up a separate page for them. Is there a different login page/ad?

3. Also, I am running into this issue where if the most recent site I edited was in sitebuilder, when I log back in it takes me to straight to editing mode and tells me I have to pick a design even though I did already! It terrifies me because I am afraid it will erase I click on the homestead logo instead and thankfully this takes me back to main menu and I go to the site from there with no further no problems. This is really scary to deal with each time and especially if I will be designing for customers.

4. Lastly, does this mean that we can no longer design NEW sites in PLUS (the old version/desktop). Please tell me PLUS is just a new name for what I have been using? LOL Sigh...  Will they let me work in plus if I request it? AND Should I be worried about my PLUS sites if they are phasing it out potentially?

Thanks so much for any help with any part of this post. I have to say though, I think website builder once I got used to it has terrific new features with that old homestead familiarity I like so I hope they make it look nice in their advertisements...including having a less pixelated looking logo lol. Their new features are way too good for that logo and their ads and can get their reputation up if they fix that stuff (I digress!)  :)

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