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Fri, Dec 5, 2014 5:18 AM


Complete and easy pasting and copying to save a whole lot of time

It is easier, if you do more than a few pages on your site, to use the cutting, copying, and pasting flexibility of the desktop version of sitebuilder.  The Plus version often interrupts with a box that appears to which you have to paste something and then do another step to paste.

In the desktop version, you can even copy from documents and webpages and paste them directly into the document all in one-two fashion.  But you should know that if you want to copy something from outside desktop, after loading sitebuilder desktop to work on a site, type in a letter, like x, and use Ctrl c to copy it and then Ctrl V to paste it.  After that, as long as you are working on the site without shutting the desktop off, you can paste from virtually any source.  

I love being able to copy from an internet page on my browser and pasting it directly into my sitebuilder desktop page.  And I can compose in a word processing document and then paste the whole thing directly onto my website page.  

Of course, it is also easier on the desktop to use the "edit" and then copy key for copying the whole text box (not just the text) and then pasting it on another page.  Or you can copy the text and then paste it into a new text box on the destination page.  

If you want to move around text easily and rapidly you can do that in the desktop version as easily as you can do it when working on a word processing document.  

I suppose other people have accidentally discovered such things as the copying and pasting of "x" above to set up unlimited copying and pasting from anywhere, but I can never seem to find it in "help".  I would like to suggest that Homestead set up a whole separate section with file hierarchies so that we can find such tips and instructions.  

I have over 2000 files on my interlinked sites, so such shortcuts have made it so efficient to cut and paste - and to freely link to many documents taking almost no time to do so, by the pasting shortcuts.

Good luck in using the desktop for higher productivity!

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