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Wed, Jan 14, 2015 12:16 AM


Bing's New Universal Event Tracking & Conversion Counter

In their infinite wisdom, BING has decided to change their PPC platform a bit. Beginning April 1st, if you want to track conversions you must use their new tag which must be placed in the "head" and not in the "body" as it is now. They give you two options or types of tags: one is a "java script" tag and one is an "image source" tag (apparently for platforms that do not support java) 

so, i know that placing meta tag verification in the head of my home page (e.g. google webmaster tools) works just fine, but what about placing this new BING tag on a particular page-namely my contact form page? will that work? will it create a conflict of some sort if its Java? or will using the Image Source tag be ok?

i can post the tags if necessary. 

would like to get out in front of this asap so i can avoid any surprises. thanks.

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