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Wednesday, October 18th, 2023 2:06 PM

How Do I Interpret Time/Date of International Viewers

I would like someone to help clarify for me this question.  I look at my tracking page (data) to see who is looking at my website (more so, where).  I see the date/time stamp in the first column.  When it time stamps (local) 6:21 PM ... whose time is this?  I am more concerned about international lookers.  On their view, it also has "time of look on first page" and its usually 3 hours earlier.  The local time can't be the international looker because they are usually 6-7 hours ahead (or behind).  Is the local time "my time?"  I need help understanding the local time/date stamp as well as the first view time stamp.  Who do these really belong to?  Are they accurate?  Thank you.

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The times are based on the clock shown at the top of the stats screen. I would recommend using Google Analytics if you are looking to be more specific with the timing of visits.