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Thursday, August 10th, 2023 11:57 AM


Seems like I / WE are having issues with the email product (Roundcube) portion of my HOMESTEAD account yet AGAIN! Tried sending a reply to a business email 7 times and each time it was labeled "undeliverable". Having another email address (COMCAST) I replied through it and the first pass iot went through. HOW CAN YOU OPERATE A BUSINESS WITH THESE............INTERMITTENT (?) ISSUES TAKING PLACE ?? WHEN WILL HOMESTEAD ADDRESS THE ISSUE AND PROVIDE A BETTER PRODUCT UNLESS THEY CAN FIX THIS ONE (ROUNDCUBE EMAIL). Getting very frustrated and questioning how many opportunities I may have missed because my email account seems to have yet another case of the hick-ups ??? H E L P !!!!!! AND PLEASE FIX THE ISSUE ASAP..... OR MAYBE ITS TIME TO CONSIDER ANOTHER HOSTING COMPANY.

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I did update your TXT SPF record, which should help eliminate some of these issues. Can you share a copy of any bounceback that you're getting, so I can get it reported?