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Sunday, June 23rd, 2024 9:59 PM

App password needed for the new outlook 2024 email set up

My email integrated fine with the old Outlook; however, when I try to set up my homestead email account on the new 2024 Microsoft Outlook, I get this error message,

"Something went wrong.  Try again.  You many need an app password."

The Outlook help section says,

"Depending on the provider, an app password may be necessary to add certain account types to Outlook such as IMAP or iCloud accounts. 

You'll need to go to your email provider to get the app password. Your email provider will provide instructions on how to generate an app password for your email account so you can use it in email applications such as Outlook.

After you get the app password from your provider, copy it and then paste it when prompted for your account password in Outlook."

Does anyone know how to get an "app password" from Homestead?????

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17 days ago


Third-party app password is for accounts that have two-factor authentication turned on. It should not apply to Roundcube emails, as we do not offer two-factor authentication. If Outlook is asking for this, it is something on their end. 

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thanks for the reply!