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Friday, December 28th, 2018 2:22 PM

Site Spotlight -

Can you provide a description of your business?

Good Dog Dog Training provides dog training classes from Puppy and Beginning Obedience through sports and competition level classes in Obedience,Rally, Agility, and Nose Work. We also offer in-home private training and behavior consultations for a wide variety of dog behavior problems. 

How did you get started in this business?

Twenty-five years ago I had a challenging dog. To make this dog work in our home I had to learn a lot about dog behavior. To bring out the best in him I got him involved with dog sports. And then I was hooked. I am trained as a lawyer. I chose to work with people and their problems in the context of dog behavior instead of practicing law. I started working by apprenticing with a local trainer. Then worked for that business as an independent contractor. I opened my own business 10 years ago. 

How do you market your business?

My business is heavily referral based from veterinarians, groomers and past clients. I do of course rely on my website to highlight class offerings and listings of our services. I also feel the website says "Who we are." 

How has technology,such as computers and the internet, impacted on how you conduct business?

Having the website means far fewer phone calls. It is a place for clients to register for classes, pay for services, and go to a Resource page to link to products I recommend. It provides a huge improvement in freeing up my time to see clients and teach classes. 

How important is social media to your business? 

I use social media, mostly Facebook, to recognize student achievement,graduations, etc. It provides a "brag" forum for my clients. 

I also use Facebook to publicize our events and upcoming schedule and to notify people of new blog topics. 

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5 years ago

This site is a good example of how much information you can place on your site. You are an expert in your field. Show that to people. The more relevant and well-presented information you place on your site, the more likely you are to get a contact from a site visitor. That means more opportunities to gain a customer!

I am going to point out a few things to consider.

  1. It looks like you added a Google service that required a site verification. At the bottom of each page, you have the site verification html file listed in the footer. You should remove that. If you didn't get the site correctly verified, I find the best way is to use the alternate methods and add a TXT record to your domain.
  2. Take a look at this topic and improve your page titles and descriptions.
  3. I would like to see you use an email address from your domain. This is a good way to highlight your brand and build trust with potential customers.
  4. If you want to have a blog, you should make sure to post something regularly. It is not good to let a blog become stale because you went a year without posting a new topic. You also don't want to feel forced to create new content every week or two. For your business, I would think that a new topic about every 3 months or so would be sufficient. It can be pretty much anything related to training. If you have trouble coming up with topics, maybe you can present a particularly good private training, with photos, and comments from the owner. Maybe even a video.  
It is a good clean site with all the information I could want. Easily navigated and a good choice of fonts and font size, make everything easy to read. Great job!