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How To Ask Customers for Reviews?

How To Ask Customers for Reviews?
Reviews are very important. They can enhance your reputation with existing and future customers. When shopping online, I skim the professional reviews, but I read quite a few customer reviews. I tend to find pros and cons that are more specific to how I will actually use a product or service than how a professional reviewer assumes I will use it. To me, customer reviews are more helpful.

  1. The best way to ask for a review is face to face whenever possible. The easiest ones will be the people that immediately praise your awesome service. Thank them and ask if they would post a review on [your preferred platform]

  2. In most cases, you will probably need to start a conversation with your customer. Ask them a simple and appropriate question such as "Did you find everything you need?" or "How was your experience with us today?" 

    a) If you receive a positive response, try to continue the conversation. Be careful. If you ask for a review too quickly, you could sour the relationship. Look for queues and ask follow up questions. If their first answer is positive, but short, it might be an indication that they don't feel like chatting.You can ask a follow up question, but don't force the issue. 
    b) If they offer up a more thoughtful and positive response, continue the conversation. When the conversation is coming to a close, thank them for the feedback and suggest that you love for that information to be shared. Mention your preferred platform for reviews.

  3. You can also ask a customer who calls in. When a customer calls your business to discuss something, by the end of the conversation, you should have a good idea of if you have satisfied their needs. Often they will let you know by stating how happy they are. Thank them for their business, mention how valuable reviews can be for other potential customers, and ask if they would mind sharing the experience on [your preferred platform]

  4. Email is another way to ask for reviews. You can choose an email marketing program, like Constant Contact, to send a message to a select group of satisfied customers, or you can send a personal email

    a) Email blast - A simple message that says Great reviews from our customers can help other people like you, feel comfortable that we are going to provide the service level they want in a partner. Let them know your preferred platform and provide a link if appropriate.

    b) Personal emails may be a little more time consuming, but it will also be received more warmly. The customer will understand that you took the time to personally compose and send an email. Choose a small group of customers that have done a good deal of business with you and/or people with whom you wish to establish a long term relationship. Send them a note, thanking them for their business and assure them you will do everything you can to maintain a great relationship, then ask if they would be willing to share their experience with you on [your preferred platform]

  5. Vendors are also a possible source of reviews.

    a) You may be able to leave a review for one of your partner companies and get one in return.

    b) When speaking to a representative of your partner company, ask them for a testimonial, or to post a review on [preferred platform]
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