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Friday, October 19th, 2012 4:50 PM

Account: Create a Domain Email Address

Account: Create a Domain Email Address

When choosing to create an email address, you have two options.

  • G Suite
  • Webmail

You can read more about purchasing G Suite here

The following are instructions to create a regular Webmail email address.

Important: Before you can set up any email accounts, you must already have a domain associated with your website account. Domains must be fully registered, pointed, or transferred in order to set up an email with that domain.

    1. Click Email on the left.

    2. If needed, choose which domain you would like to add an email address for:

    3. Click "+ New Mailbox" at the top of the page

    4. This is where you can choose "Standard Email" or "G Suite".
      For a regular Webmail email address, choose "Standard Email", then "Create New Mailbox"

    5. In the Email address field, enter a name for your new email account.

      Just enter a name, don't include the @ sign or anything extra. A lot of people use generic names here like admin, info, or sales, for example.

    6. Create a password and verify password
      Tip: The password you create should follow our password recommendations. Don't make it easy for others to guess your password and access your account. We recommend using a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.

    7. Click Save.

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4 years ago


You can check you emails in two different places. First, if you are already logged into your Homestead account click on the email tab on the left and you should see a check email option requesting your credentials. If you don't see it, click on email again then put in your email and password there. If you are not logged in you can go to and select Webmail in the top right.  

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Perfect!! Got it - working great. Next question...can a user of one of our emails check their emails from their Phone? Is there an app or is the best way to just forward those emails to their personal email? Thx!
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They can connect this email to any email program they use, whether it is the default email program for their phone or a downloaded app like Outlook. They just need to use the proper settings:

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4 years ago

It won't let me create an email. I get all the way through step 8 and then it says "Error 714" every time. I've tried many different times and days and it's the same thing every time. What's going on?