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What do I need to do to transfer my pointed domain?

You can transfer a domain that you are pointing to Homestead. Once you transfer to Homestead, you will be able to manage your email, domain, and website within your account. We will renew your domain every year as long as your account is active.

  • If your domain ends in .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info, or .name, you can transfer it.

  • If your domain ends in any suffix other than the ones noted above (like a foreign or alternative suffix such as .ca, .co, and .uk) you can't transfer it; you'll have to keep pointing it.

Read these important notes before you start the transfer:
  • A domain name transfer takes between 5-7 days. Transfers are automated, and the transfer can't be sped up. At Homestead, we have to switch the domain from being a pointed domain to being a transferred domain. The domain and website are only considered down during the time it takes for us to switch it from a pointed domain to a transferred domain. Typically, less than 1 minute. The transfer will still take 5-7 days to complete.

  • To initiate a transfer, your email addresses will need to be deleted. Any emails associated with your domain may not be recoverable. You'll want to back up emails that you may need. Also, inform anyone who uses that email about the downtime. After the domain transfer process is complete, you'll need to recreate the email addresses in your website account.

  • If you registered your domain less than 60 days ago, ICANN regulations dictate that you must wait until 60 days have passed to proceed with the domain transfer process. You'll have to continue to point until 60 days has passed.

  • If your domain name is in a 'locked' status by your current domain provider, you must unlock it before you can transfer the domain.

  • Verify that the Administrative Contact email address for your domain name is current and accessible. If it isn't, you must update it with your current registrar before transferring the domain.

  • You can work on your website during the transfer.

Important: Did you unlock the domain, remove privacy, or make changes to the administrative contact email? If so, we recommend waiting 24 hours before starting the transfer.

To transfer your domain
  1. Click Domains on the left.

  2. Under Use a Domain You Already Own, type in your website address in the field next to www. and select the correct extension. The default is .com. Click Use This Domain.

  3. Click Host With Homestead.

  4. Confirm your domain has been with your current provider for at least 60 days. Click Yes.

  5. Read the information about how long it will take to transfer and what will happen to your email. Click Continue.

  6. Read the information about cost. Any domain upgrade (including transfers) not included in your base package will incur a one-time $5.00 setup fee plus a $2.00 monthly fee. Click Continue.

  7. Work with your current provider and select the checkbox as you complete each step:

    • Unlock your domain.

    • Remove privacy for your domain.

    • Confirm the administrative contact email for your domain. All approval and informational emails about the transfer will be sent to this email.

    • Get the authorization code. This code is sometimes referred to as an EPP code or a domain password. You will need it to approve the transfer.

    Important: If you mark a step complete when it isn't, the domain transfer will be unsuccessful and you'll have to start over. This will cause your domain transfer to take longer.

  8. After completing every task, click Continue.

  9. Verify the contact information. Then, acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions of the Tucows Terms of Service Agreement. Select the Terms of Service checkbox. Click Save and Continue.

  10. Check your email and authorize the transfer. This step must be completed within 5 days or the domain transfer will be unsuccessful. To authorize the transfer you will need the authorization code that you got from your current provider in Step 7. Click I have authorized the transfer.

After you have finished all required tasks, the transfer will complete within 5-7 days.

We will send you an email when you can start managing your domain through Homestead. Remember, you can continue to build and edit your website while we complete the transfer.

Hope that helps!

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