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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018 9:00 PM

WebsiteBuilder: Auto-SSL for Pointed Domains

WebsiteBuilder: Auto-SSL for Pointed Domains
If your domain is pointed to Homestead (not registered through Homestead), then you will need to activate the SSL we provide. To do this:

Click on the Domains tab
If it is pointed correctly, you will see "Activate SSL" to the left of your domain options.

Click that link

This will bring you to a page with 4 step instructions
  1. Log in to your domain hosting provider
  2. Locate the DNS management section in your domain hosting control panel. If your domain is pointed via nameservers, you will click "Advanced DNS Settings"
  3. Add an A Record for *your domain* that points to *IP address*
    *This should be done for the "@" record and the "www" record*
  4. Once the 'A record' Has been modified, Click Next.

A message will pop up verifying that the DNS settings are correct and your SSL will be provisioned soon. 

Please wait 24-48 hours for this change to take effect.

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5 months ago

can someone call me for help with seo

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We don't make outbound calls, but please call 1-800-710-1998 if you want to discuss SEO options. 

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4 months ago

I don't have the Activate SSL link on my Domains tab.  Please help!