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Fri, Aug 30, 2019 2:47 PM

The Importance of Domains for Branding

Domains are incredibly important for any business. It can help increase awareness and familiarity to your brand. A domain name that matches your company name makes it easier for customers to remember you, therefore making it easier to find you again. 
If a customer just hears your company name and wants to learn more about you, having a domain name that matches will help them look you up. 

That being said, the domain you want might not always be available. You can try to purchase the domain, if it is available as a premium domain name, but that isn't always the case. In situations like this, the domain doesn't necessarily have to match your company name. It can also contain keywords related to your brand subject. For example, when Nissan went to purchase the domain "", they found that it was not available. They attempted to purchase it from the person that owned it, but they were unsuccessful. So, instead, they use "". Obviously their brand hasn't suffered from this, as they are one of the top selling car companies in business today. 
Using a keyword in your domain like that may help to increase traffic to your site. This is not because Google uses domains as a factor for SEO, but having a relevant keyword can make it more relevant in a customers mind. Don't make your domain name spammy with keywords. That is not what a domain name is for and this tactic will likely have a negative effect.

For any domain name you choose, it is important that you follow the guidelines to choosing a GOOD domain name. Make sure that it is not too long or complicated, don't replace letters with numbers if possible, and double (or triple) check that your domain cannot be read in any other way than you intend. 

Example: The company Kids Talking wanted to register their company name as a domain. What they ended up with was While it could be read as ", it could also be seen as 
That is not great for branding... 

Overall, your domain can help to positively brand your company, or it can be a negative source of attention. Make sure to take your time and choose the best domain for your company.


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10 months ago

Not just how you view yourself but the customer's reaction is of maximum importance.

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Very true!