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Friday, December 22nd, 2023 9:29 PM

I need a CSR. How do I find it?

I'm trying to configure SSL on my domain and need a CSR from Homestead.  How do I do that?  TIA

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4 months ago

Follow the instructions for your website platform.

Secure My Homestead SB+ Website With HTTPS?
If you're having trouble with the Cloudflare set up, you can always call for assistance 1-800-710-1998

Secure my Websitebuilder website with HTTPS:
If you're having trouble with the Cloudflare setup, you can always call for assistance at 1-800-710-1998.

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4 months ago

Hi Mary Anne,

Homestead offers an SSL for the WebsiteBuilder site, but we would not be able to provide any additional configuration details as we secure these sites in-house. I do see the domain inside of your account is currently loading a secured website, was there any specific reason mentioned that we can try to specifically help address?