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Tuesday, January 24th, 2023 5:34 AM

How to unlink a retrieved Domain that was pointed to my new Domain website?

I decided to purchase back a deleted domain name and at that time of retrieving it, the only options were to transfer from provider or to point it to existing domain. I chose to point it to my existing domain since I assumed both the retrieved domain name and the new domain name were both from homestead.

Now that the retrieved domain name is pointing to my current website (under a new domain name), I can't seem to do another website using the retrieved domain.

Can you assist by letting me know what I need to do in order to have 2 separate websites (1 with my retrieved domain name and my current website with my new domain name)?

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1 year ago

Hello, I have corrected the status of the domain. If you go to your Websites Manager page, you can select both websites that you have currently, but you can also begin creating a new website by clicking Add New Website at the top right corner of your page.