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Monday, July 29th, 2019 3:22 PM

Google Analytics

Google Analytics
In 2005, Google launched their web analytics tool, Google Analytics. It is now and always has been offered for free. In addition, Google has continued to update and add features, improving user experience. Connecting Google Analytics to your site is very easy. They provide the code and you just need to input it on your site. 

After that, the information about your site visitors and website performance you can get from this tool is almost limitless. It can tell you what pages people are visiting, from what devices and browsers, and how many are bouncing from that page immediately. It can measure how long people are staying on each page and any websites that are directing traffic to your site. Unlike Realtracker with Sitebuilder Plus or the stat tracker with WebsiteBuilder, it tells you what content is being shared and give you reports on what keywords are being used to find your site. 

You have full control, so you can customize the reports that are important to you and your business. 

So, you can get all of this information- great, but what do you DO with it? The answer? A lot. You can use the information that Google Analytics provides to completely shape the actions you take on your website and with your marketing. Pages that you see people often bounce from, or spend very little time on, are pages that you know you should update to make it more appealing for your site visitors. If a page is performing really well, you know you should focus your most important information there.. If you have more people visiting your site from mobile devices than desktop, then you know you should focus on optimizing your site for mobile, to make sure that the experience for the majority of your users is a good one. If the main source of traffic is from Google Chrome, then you should use that browser when building and testing your website to make sure there are no browser incompatibilities. 

When certain content is being shared from your website, capitalize on that because you now have the knowledge that this is what your audience is interested in! Talk about it more! Use the keywords that Google Analytics provides and use them to optimize your site SEO! Make sure you are using those keywords organically in the text of your website. If you have certain campaigns or websites that are directing traffic to your site more than others, funnel the majority of your marketing budget to those sources. 

Google Analytics can tell you specific information about your site viewers, like age, gender, and interests. Use this to target specific platforms and demographics, as well as choose the proper design and content for your website. If you find that a younger audience visits your site the most, make sure to utilize social media platforms like Instagram that is more popular with that age group and make sure the design of your site is fun (if that fits with your business). Tailor your actions to the wealth of information you can receive from this program. 

And did we mention that it's free??

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2 years ago

As far as I can tell, Homestead is still using the UA number to set up Google Analytics instead of the new G-# and the UA is going away in less than a year.  I have asked Homestead about this getting changed/upgraded several times with no definitive answer.  So, once again, Homestead--how are you coming along with getting this integrated into our Website Builder package?  

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Hi Lynn. I have informed our team about this and a ticket has been created to get this process started, but it will definitely take time.