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Friday, August 30th, 2019 5:34 PM

Domains and Marketing

Domains and Marketing
When you think of marketing, you typically think of email campaigns, social media, business cards, and blogs to name a few. These can all be incredibly successful for a business. 
How surprised would you be to hear that you can utilize your domain name in each of those scenarios? Domains are often overlooked as an important tool for a business. 
People visit your site due to marketing. Marketing can be as simple as word of mouth, like someone telling a person to visit your site. More complex marketing strategies require more effort.
The options I listed above are types of marketing that you actually need to work to accomplish, but are much more effective. Your ROI (Return On Investment) is often worth the effort or money you put into it.

  • Email Campaigns- Every business should get a branded email address with their domain name. Emails Marketing for Homestead comes from This makes our emails easily recognizable and trustworthy in the Inbox. If we sent out important emails from, many people would assume it was spam.

  • Social Media- Create social media usernames that correlate with your business and domain name. This uniformity will go a long way toward branding for your business. Also, make sure to add your domain to all social profiles, to direct people to your website. 

  • Business Cards- Just as you would never forget to put your phone number and email address on your business card, you should never neglect to promote your website on there as well. 

  • Blogs- This is an incredibly effective method of delivering fresh content to your viewers. Oftentimes, though, a blog is acquired through a 3rd party company like Typepad or Blogger. These will often automatically have a subdomain of that company as the URL for your blog ( Take the time to redirect that URL to a subdomain of your domain name instead (, so you don't lose out on that branding.
Another instance in which domains can be useful for marketing is when people purchase a domain that is specific to a holiday, location, season, or slogan. 
Take, for instance, "". You can see how this would be a very popular domain in November. Amazon clearly recognized this, so they bought that domain and have it redirecting to the Black Friday page on Similarly, Nike's slogan redirects to Nike's website. 
Realtors, franchises with different locations, dealerships, or any business with different locations might benefit from a location based domain name. is an extremely smart domain that one Arizona Realty company acquired. 

If you have a Youtube Channel, be sure to add your domain name to your description, as those types of backlinks can have a positive impact on the credibility of your site to search engines.

Basically, utilize your domain name as much as possible to maximize the benefits it can have on your marketing. The more people that visit your domain, the more effective your website will be. 
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